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Does your marketing make you as hard to find as 'Where's Wally'?

Wally is hard to find

When my children were younger they enjoyed a good book and none more so than the Where's Wally series. Wally is a boy dressed in stripy top and a bobble hat who is hiding on the busy scenes within the pages of the books. We would enjoy spending time searching the pages to find Wally – not always an easy task.

We'll give you a Shiner!

Print Shiner on Black Solids

We are not threatening violence…

Many print designers will be familiar with the term ‘black shiner’. A black shiner is generally applied to large areas of black solid colour on a CMYK print run. It involves adding 40% tint of Cyan under the black ink. 

…just richer black solids on your print.

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How Formara helped raise over £130,000 and gain 154 NEW donors

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With Formara's help, UCL Alumni campaign becomes their most successful campaign to date. As a result, over 100 new students will fulfil their ambitions of studying at one of the best Universities in the word.
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