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5 Ideas to Achieve the Best Response from Direct Mail

5 Ideas to Achieve the Best Response from Direct Mail

Author: Andy Pond

August 2019

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According to the DMA [Direct Marketing Association], across all market sectors and to either B2B or B2C, a “direct-mail-only” campaign achieves a 4.4% response rate. An “email-only” campaign achieves considerably lower response of around 0.12%.

You want to maximise on all forms of marketing communications, so we are showcasing five ideas to achieve the best response from Direct Mail:


Personalised print is nothing particularly new, but don’t be fooled into limiting your personalisation to name and address of your customer. Personalisation can go much further than that and can in-clude imagery too.

Creating a highly personalised direct mail piece with personalised images that are relevant to the recipient will have a greater impact than non-personalised mail. We know, too, that direct mail is often shared, so something that is eye-catching will most definitely be seen by more than just the person you are targeting.

Tailor Content

By taking personalisation a step further, you can make the content of your direct mail relevant to the recipient, therefore making it even more appealing.

Here’s an example that has been around for a long time now:

You visit your local car dealer and you express interest in a new model car and the salesman gathers some information about what colour, body styling, transmission etc. you are interested in. You go home to have a think about it and a day or so later a lovely glossy brochure with the exact model, in the colour you were considering and with a finance breakdown, lands on your doormat.

Tailored content is a pretty powerful sales tool!

To envelope or not to envelope?

So, you receive an envelope through the post. Is it a bill, a hospital appointment or something interesting from that car dealership that you visited a couple of days ago? A plain envelope could contain any manner of communication.

As a marketer, you want to ensure that the contents of your envelope are seen. The best way of telling your audience they need open it is to say so on the envelope. Make it personal, make it eye-catching - anything creative that would make your recipient curious enough to open it!


Don’t use an envelope.

Send your printed marketing in a format that does not require an envelope but it still stands out. For example, an eye-catching leaflet printed on good quality, slightly thicker paper could be horseshoe gummed to seal it and alleviate the need for the envelope. Decisions, decisions…

Bulky Mail

If you do decide to use an out envelope, a great tactic for encouraging the recipient to open it is to put something bulky inside. Again, this is nothing new but is a proven method of encouraging your recipients to open and share your marketing. The original ‘bulky mail’ always used to include a company pen – a nice little branded give-away for the recipient to keep and use. Pens are probably considered a bit ‘old-hat’ now and there are plenty of alternatives from video books to pop-up cal-endars. Just ask us about any ideas you have and Formara will source something suitable.

Automate and Integrate

Creating an integrated marketing campaign that includes printed direct mail with email and personalised webpages with automated triggers will significantly increase your response rates.

“AIM” [Automated, Integrated Marketing], from Formara, delivers personalised and data-driven communications where each "touchpoint" in the customer journey is triggered by a recipient's re-action to the previous one.

As a result, the customer receives messages in a format, channel and at a frequency he prefers. No more scattergun. Just targeted, welcomed and measured communications. All of these tracked and reported in real-time to generate the best possible responses and return.

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