Living Coral? Designer Greg has his say.

With Pantone having recently revealed their ‘Color of the Year’ (apologies for the “Americanism”) there are a raft of articles about their choice. One that caught our eye was this one in Design Week  which asks designers their opinion.

So, we did the same and here is what one of our design team, Greg, thought of Pantone’s Color of the Year.

“I’ve been aware of the Pantone colour of the year for a few years now. Usually, I’ll have a look and then blatantly ignore it. For a start, it’s not much use to me as a print designer who primarily works to brand guidelines, and secondly, design should be tailored to the customer and function, not a trend – I’ll caveat that comment by saying I do look at forthcoming design trends for the year, but these are more to do with new technical ideas that I haven’t tried before and expanding my skillset..


“If (and that’s a fairly big ‘IF’) there is a swathe of Living Coral in next year’s design world, it’ll come from junior designers and non-designers who don’t know better, and Pantone will hail their prediction a success.  Cause and effect in practice. Much like people who think they have great fashion sense because they’re dressed like the latest Top Shop mannequin.


“The cynical part of me says that this is simply a money making marketing idea of no base value -  I note Pantone can sell you a limited edition colour of the year swatch book, for the bargain price of $205.”


Thanks Greg – glad to see cynicism is alive and kicking!


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